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The Energy Education Council is committed to the education and empowerment of energy consumers, with the goal of enhancing lives by promoting the efficient and safe use of energy. We value collaboration, relationships, and partner input in the continuing effort to create broad safety and efficiency knowledge.

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prep September is National Preparedness Month, so take time and ready an emergency preparedness kit. Among the items it should include are: a radio, flashlight, extra batteries, water, and food.

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accident Stay safe if you are in a car crash involving a utility pole. Downed power lines may still be charged with electricity. The safest place is inside the car. Get more information.
flood Floods can cause electrical hazards. Never step into a flooded basement, and never use an electric appliance that has been damaged by water. Get more information.
Efficiency There are many steps you can take to make your home a greener one. Cut your energy costs by following these efficiency steps year round. Get more information.

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